Saturday, August 04, 2007

If you are a vegetarian you may want to skip this one

Yes, I am back! I am feeling a lot better, thanks everyone. Ice coupled with rest and elevating the elbow helped tremendously. Next time I'll watch my daughter more closely and not stand so close! Hee.

Today we set off for the place we get our meat from, and picked up some pork chops (to my daughter's dismay) and boneless, skinless chicken breast. The prices are on par with Costco but what I like about this place is they package them up for you- that means I don't have to worry about going through the meat, separating it and packaging it up (which reminds me I still have beef ribs and Italian sausage in the fridge that need to be packaged up! Crap!). I also like them because their service is wonderful and if you need to call a special order in for you they help out tremendously and even call you to let you know when your order is ready.

On completely different topic, my husband's second seasonal job is winding down as berry season is just about through (no, he does not work in the fields...he works elsewhere), and I, for one, am ecstatic about it. Turns out he didn't get a chance to save as much as he had wanted to for his truck afterall (that is what happens when you back into your co-workers brand-new car and scrape up their bumper! Mmhmm...), but I told him I'll donate to his truck pool when I get a job. He has next weekend off (the first time in the past 6 weeks too), and we're planning on heading out to his brother's so they can work on his truck and we'll have a BBQ that night. I'm just going to be glad to have him home...I missed him.

This summer is starting to wind down and in three weeks I will be home, going to my 10 year high school reunion and visiting my family. I can hardly wait. After that, we are going camping and we're just about prepared for that trip, we bought the rest of our goods off a website I found while googling for camping gear. Unfortunately, the Coleman Extreme Cooler my husband wanted to buy is no longer available at Costco, but next weekend we'll go to G.I. Joes and pick it up. Otherwise we are good to go- we have our tent, sleeping bags, incidentals (grill, mosquito repellent, flashlights, etc). We'll go grocery shopping before we leave and then we'll go straight to camp and set everything up.

Speaking of home, I will be able to meet my dad's girlfriend and her daughter for the first time. I'm a bit anxious, nervous but excited to meet them. I feel for her daughter because they start school on Monday! (She's 10 years old.) It'll be nice to meet them, and hopefully I'll get along with my father. I think if we avoid each other enough it'll be okay. Sad to say, but true.

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At 1:10 PM, Anonymous Kristen said...

How long has your dad been dating this girlfriend? Are things pretty serious with them?

Have a great time at your reuinion! I had a blast at my 10 year, even though I really wasn't looking forward to it.

At 4:04 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

They've been together for well over a year now...I don't know if they are getting married or what, but they are pretty serious...they live in sin (LOL- meaning together).

Thanks! I am definitely looking forward to the reunion and will definitely report back about the food!


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