Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Wow. It's been a LONG time since I've updated. It's now March 2011, and I am over a year post-op and doing well health-wise for the most part. Recovery has been good in those terms. Unfortunately, on other fronts it has not.

Long story short, my marriage has been dead for years. In vain I tried to save it, but it lead to a lot of problems that lead to my filing for divorce last July. I also have a protection order in place against my soon to be ex-husband (that's another long story). The divorce should be finalized here soon as we are heading into pre-trial and then trial if it is not resolved. It's been nothing short of ugly and I have a LOT I need to heal from and forgive myself for. With time, that will be possible.

And on another front, I was laid off from my job I had for nearly three years in January due to the economic climate. I am still looking for work and am surviving, but won't lie about my nerves over the situation. I loved my job. Unfortunately, my position was eliminated, along with 80 other positions. It was a terrible blow.

I am still in Whatcom County, raising my almost 11 year old (!!) daughter as a single parent, and am hoping to survive these nasty bumps in the road that I keep coming across.


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