Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Burn-out, anyone?

For the past few weeks I have been feeling a bit of burn-out on cooking and even baking (which I usually adore doing). Maybe it has to do with the impending holidays, I don't know. I'm half-tempted to buy store-bought desserts for Christmas. *Gasp!* Say it ain't so...I just need to get out of this cooking funk and back into cooking and baking mode!!!



At 6:23 AM, Blogger wheresmymind said...

Sounds like you need 3 days off!

At 6:27 AM, Blogger Brilynn said...

Bake something that's not necessarily seasonal, but something you love... I've been doing a ridiculous amount of baking just because it's more acceptable at this time of year, people don't think I'm quite as crazy as they would in the middle of july.

At 1:11 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Jeff, I do get a break off for 2 weeks from school starting Monday...maybe that will help. I hope...

Brilynn, That's true...I could always get something like a cake mix and make that instead. LOL! All this baking from scratch might be what is putting me in a rut. Thanks!


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