Friday, December 01, 2006

Thoughts on this week

It's so funny how we often take what we have for granted, not thinking that something could happen that makes it impossible for us to get out and pick up the little things that we often don't think of, like bread, milk, or eggs. Another thing my eyes were opened up to was how difficult life would be in the case of a natural disaster or if facets of life were completely shut off from the rest of the world (I'm watching way too much Jericho on CBS and way too many nuclear disaster movies! Oyy!). Most of us do not possess the type of skills it would take to be self-sufficient (sewing, hunting, fishing, even firemaking!). That is why I am considering the Girl Scouts for my daughter. My husband is self-sufficient, but I am not. I grew up not being taught how to fend for myself. Most of what I was taught was that I needed to educate myself, not defend myself, and I want to learn. I feel like a "girly girl" when it comes to that (not that there is anything wrong with that, but let's face any kind of disaster I'd probably be one of the first people running around wringing their hands saying, "What do we do??" and I admit it).

So I want my daughter to be more self-sufficient than I was brought up to be. It's important to me that she understands how to fend for herself in case something ever happens. You just never know.

Next time I plan on being more prepared, that's for certain. Now that we are able to get out of the house we were able to go grocery shopping and fill our pantry and fridge again. The things you take for granted! This was a lesson learned, for sure.


At 5:17 PM, Blogger talkoftomatoes said...

Jen, I agree! So nice to come out from under the snow! I was very, very lucky that I felt 'stocked up.'

I didn't lose power, though, and no heat would've turned my attitude south in a hurry! What a wimp, eh?

I think its great you might send your daughter to Girl Scouts. Self-sufficient is good. I lean pretty heavily on my hubby, so I will make a mental note to pay attention when he is 'teaching' the boys about electricity or how-to do this or that. GREAT reminder.

Welcome to December: hopefully we won't break any more rainfall/condensation records!

At 2:47 PM, Blogger Cairo The Boxer said...

I also agree! My mom was raised by her dad and brother. Her brother (as she tells me) took it in his own hands to teach her self defense by beating her up. My mom is very tough. And now mommy has her dad her brother and my dad, which is why I am a girl. Mom wanted another girl in her life. But I too am a tough girl and your daughter should be too.

p.s. get her a boxer we would have fun together. I can teach her a thing or two in selfdefence

At 10:57 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Janelle, it's amazing how much snow we got last week. I just cannot get over that in ONE day it was 15+ inches. Amazing. Next time I will be prepared, mark my words. I'm also getting gear for our vehicles (water, food, blankets) should we ever get stranded somewhere. I guess I'm getting a bit gung-ho but I truly learned my lesson.

Cairo, I can't wait to be able to give my daughter a dog...just can't have them here in our apartment (landlord won't allow it). As for self-defense, I'm still looking into Tae Kwan Do as well, but it's a bit pricy per month. We'll see!


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