Friday, March 30, 2007

It's Friday

and the end of the month which means another potluck at my husband's workplace, so since I picked up my daughter from school I have been hauling butt to the kitchen and cooking up a ziti for them. I suppose after two years of his coworkers begging for that or Lumpia I will go with the ziti. (While it is a process it's certainly a lot easier to make than Lumpia!) In true typical Jennifer style, I completely forgot the ricotta cheese as well as the parmigiano reggiano, so it's just mozarella. I'm sure it'll be good despite that.

With the sun coming out and Spring blooming it's days like these where I wish I knew how to grill (I leave that up to the Grill Meister, my husband) instead of baking in my house. Maybe this weekend we'll grill up some chicken and steaks, I don't know.

Here's to a great weekend!

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At 10:21 AM, Blogger sher said...

Yumm! That ziti sounds wonderful--and a lot easier than making lumpia!! :):)


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