Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My answers to the MeMe below

1. What are your favorite types of food? Are they foods you grew up with? Any specific cultures you tend to cook the most?

I love the Filipino foods my Nana makes, pancit, adobo, kangkanin (obviously), sukah (it's a dipping sauce and I'm probably spelling it wrong). I also love what my dad's mom (my Grandma who is from France) makes as well- general comfort foods- a nice tossed salad with bell peppers, her mac n cheese with Velveeta, fried chicken. Dad's cooking is good too except for when he experiments! His Prime Rib he cooks in his Ronco Rotesserie is awesome. My mom makes this delicious Orange Chicken (not the same as what you get at a Chinese restaurant) dish and something else I'll share someday with you all called Rappolio (a cabbage soup). I tend to cook Mexican and Italian foods the most because they are so easy to make and just a real time saver. I'm not very adventurous these days when it comes to cooking.

2. Describe your fall-back dish when you don't feel like cooking (no take out!).

It's always either breakfast for dinner (eggs, potatoes, sausage) or burritos (just refried beans, cheese and ground beef, tomatoes, and whatever else I have). Great fall-back dishes for me! Especially this week because I haven't had any time or desire to cook.

3. Could you create a foodie Haiku or poem? Would you care to share with us?

A baker I am
Cooking is too tedious
Looking for shortcuts

Okay so that kinda sucked...

4. What is your favorite holiday food-wise? What do you typically eat during that holiday?

I love Thanksgiving food-wise. The turkey, the mashed potatoes, the gravy from scratch, the pumpkin pie...YUM! I love it and can't wait to create another delicious Thanksgiving with my SIL this year!

5. If you could find one recipe that would satisfy your palate for the rest of your life, what would it be and why did you choose that one recipe?

Hmm. That is a really tough one. I think anything that involves pasta, a meat (probably either chicken breast or ground sirloin), maybe some tomatoes, bell peppers, cream of mushroom and I'm good to go.



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