Monday, May 21, 2007

Morimoto was ROBBED. Robbed, ya'll!

Last night on Iron Chef: America, Morimoto was placed against some chef named Love ("Drunk Cowboy" is what posters on the TWoP Iron Chef: America forum call him). Granted I missed the first half of the showdown, but I saw the ending when they were finishing and got everything plated and then presented their dishes to their judges. Obviously, Morimoto was at a disadvantage, not having cooked with the secret ingredient (Chiles) before. However, despite that, I think he held up well under the pressure and created some beautiful dishes.

When it came to judgment time, I thought that Love was snippy and arrogant with the judges, getting defensive in their criticism of his dishes. Morimoto never shows arrogance- just humility, which is why I was completely shocked when Love won over Morimoto by one point. You would have thought that Love's arrogance alone would have cost him the competition. Pfft. Whatever.

Morimoto still rocks my socks. I'd eat anything he put in front of me! (That's the trust I have that whatever he cooks wouldn't be something Fear Factorish!)

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At 11:04 AM, Blogger Garrett said...

You were mentioned in the Sac Bee today. ;)

ANd yeah, Moriomoto was robbed. Stupid Love is a total B*tch.

At 11:23 AM, Anonymous TitanKT said...

Oh, I love it! Another Iron Chef America fan... I swear, it is the ONLY prime time show I watch anymore.

I was so sure Morimoto had this battle absolutely slam dunked. Now, I confess that even though I thought the Stetson hats were goofy and the doing of shots extremely ill-advised, I found myself rooting a little bit for Love anyway because I used to live in Ft. Worth. But I still thought Morimoto should've won.

I was also just blown away by Akiko... the woman is as stone-faced and monotone as anyone could ever be when she judges on ICA and she actually GUSHED about a couple of the dishes.

But, you know as well as I do that if Karine had been there, Morimoto WOULD have won. Hehehe.

I'm adding your blog to my blogroll, I'm THAT thrilled to find another ICA friend!

At 1:56 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Garrett, how cool!!! Thank you for letting me know! :) I love that picture of you too, by the way! Congratulations to you, Madeline, Kristy, and Cate for the mentions! Awesome!

And I agree, Love was a BEOTCH.

Titankt- this is the first time I ever blogged on ICA, but I should do it more often! I love the show, and Morimoto is my hero. I'll definitely add you to my blogroll as well! Thanks! :)

I have to admit I was very shocked when Akiko did indeed, gush over a few of the dishes as well, she is not that type of person.

Morimoto was SO robbed.

At 10:58 PM, Blogger Siuan said...

I really need to get Satellite! I miss all the good food shows.


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