Monday, February 12, 2007

Restaurant Review- Black Forest, Everson, WA

I received a couple of emails from locals here asking for some advice on where to eat, and I have to be honest, I haven't really ventured out that far yet, so my husband and I are going to go around Whatcom County and possibly even further south as far as Everett, Washington to review certain restaurants. The funniest and most ironic thing about this is when I was working as a telemarketer, I used to call up people surveying them on where they liked to eat. Now, I can't really recall what people said unless I hear of the place.

So we decided to drive northeast to Everson, which is a bit of a drive (over a half hour drive) because I have been dying to go to Black Forest, which is a German restaurant that serves Schnitzel (which everyone I have ever talked to who has been there raves about). Schnitzel is a breaded pork cutlet type of meat. Anyhow, we drove to Everson and found Black Forest easily (it's on the main street in Everson, which is a small town). I will say it is definitely colder in Everson than where I live (same county but I hear the further east you go, the colder it gets!).

It took us forever to figure out what we were going to order. My husband settled on a Schnitzel plate that came with prawns, I finally decided on the Schnitzel Combo, which came with Schnitzel and Bratwurst. Unfortunately they did not have a kid's menu (besides my daughter I saw no children in there) so we ordered from the "Bar menu" (they have a bar in their restaurant) and she wanted to try the Schnitzel as well. I had a hard time deciding because our table gave us a view of the cooks grilling up steaks that looked delicious, but I really wanted to try this Schnitzel.

My starter was a Goulash, which was a hearty stew with good-sized chunks of tenderloin accompanied by potatoes, carrots, celery and onion. There's some spices in the background that I could not put my finger on, but it was delicious! (I apologize for the darkness of the pictures, the seating is very intimate there and I did not want my flash going off in the restaurant.)

After finishing my Goulash and the garlic Texas toast that came along with it, we received our entress. The Bratwurst was nice and juicy and quite possibly the best I have ever had. The Schnitzel was delicious, but I was digging my daughter's plate, which had a nice sauce with mushrooms on top of the Schnitzel. Our plates came with red cabbage, fried potatoes as well as fresh steamed green beans (which I never had before and I LOVED). While we were eating, one of the chefs (or possibly the owner? I am not sure) came out to greet everyone and asked us how we liked it, I told him it was fantastic and he asked us to come again. We definitely will!

The only thing I would recommend is maybe a child-friendly menu, however, if they don't have children coming in often, I could understand why.

Fantastic food and good service you can't beat!

Black Forest is located at:

203 W. Main Street
Everson, WA
(360) 966-2855


At 12:04 PM, Blogger Freya said...

Anywhere that has Goulash as a starter is good with me! It all looks delicious!

At 1:15 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

I haven't ever had a Goulash so tasty in my life. It was so good.

At 2:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My wife, I and another couple decided to try this restaraunt tonight and we were quite disappointed. Unlike truly authentic schnitzel (made from veal). theirs was actually made with pork. Granted, the taste was ok but nowhere near as good as if it would have been made with veal. We were not pleased with the side dishes, either...the fried potatoes had an 'earthy' taste and the read cabbage was over-cooked to the point where it was almost mushy. No, this is not worth a repeat visit to us!

At 11:39 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

I wonder what happened there. It's been months since I have been there (feb) but it was great when I went. Sorry to hear you had a terrible experience. Do you know of any other places in Whatcom County that are worthy of recommendation? (I am looking!)


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