Sunday, September 17, 2006

Where's the beef?

If you're a vegetarian you may want to skip this entry.

Yesterday while running errands, my husband decided to take us to a local beef company that sells fresh cuts of meats. A while ago, he picked up some steaks for a BBQ at work and they were the most tender steaks we have ever had. So we went in there and saw the prices and decided that we would pick up a few things. We bought some nice Porterhouse steaks at $5.99/lb, some Italian Sausage ($3.99/lb), and pork chops ($1.99/lb, which I thought was a steal). Last night we had the Porterhouse steaks and they were delicious. I have never had a steak cut so easily, almost falling off of the bone. I wish I had taken pictures after he had barbecued them.

I decided if the prices remain the same, we'll buy our meats from there instead of Costco from now on, because they sell boneless and skinless chicken breasts at $1.99/lb (I pay $2.19/lb at Costco), and the pork chops were a good deal. I don't know what a good deal for Prime Rib is, but $6.99/lb sounded about right to me. Whole hams are at $1.99/lb, as well.

I'll definitely be back!


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