Sunday, November 11, 2007

Goodies from home

I love my mom. She knows how much I miss California and the ease of buying the little things, such as Mochiko rice flour, without spending an arm and a leg on it (seriously- $3/box at Haggen's? Are you for real?). So in the beginning of the week last week she told me she was sending me a box of goodies for my daughter and myself, and I had a hunch it was Mochiko! It came to me and it was not only boxes of Mochiko, but Yan Yan (the little cylinder with chocolate dipping sauce and those sweet little sticks), Happy Panda (panda cookies with chocolate), Shrimp Chips (which I really don't care for, but I thought it was sweet of her!), and Jack & Jill Chocolate Covered Pretzels, the stuff you find in Asian stores. It totally brought me back home and I called my mom to thank her.

As I have mentioned before, my Nana used to take me with her to her favorite Filipino store, which no longer exists (Fajilan's), in Seaside, California, and I used to get Pocky (the strawberry covered sticks) or Botan (rice paper covered candy which was nasty but we loved it because the rice paper melted in your mouth), or some Kangkanin if they made it (it was my favorite too and I'm still dying to try to find that recipe!). Good memories. Nana will be 87 next year and she is still doing well, has a few health concerns, but she is still strong and I finally called her last week after a cute little lady I spoke with on the phone at work told me to never forget to call my grandmas! I tried my other Grandma too but I missed her! I'll try next week...

I am fortunate to have a loving family. I miss them but at least there is the phone!



At 8:46 PM, Anonymous Kristen said...

It is hard being so far away from family, isn't it? At least you get a little taste of home occasionally through the phone calls.

At 1:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer -

My grandparents, Pacifico and Rosalina Fajilan, owned the store you are talking about - Fajilan's Oriental Store in Seaside, CA. They have since passed but our family is grateful that their store brings many warm memories to people like you. I have fond memories of Botan Rice Candy, bags of dried squid, and Pocky sticks. Every time I would visit, my grandfather would send me home with these yummy treats - for free. My grandparents loved their little store and would be happy to know that their legacy remains in the hearts of their beloved customers. I'm sure you remember my grandparent's warm smiles. If not, you can stop by City Diner in Seaside (their son, Bob, owns it)and you will find a beautiful picture of my grandparents hanging on the wall.

Casey Fajilan Robertson, San Jose, CA


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