Monday, September 17, 2007

Food dreams

I had a dream that I was going to an All-Filipino festival back while I was visiting my family in Seaside, California. I was going from booth to booth trying desperately to find beco, Kangkanin, or Bibingka. Why? I have no clue, but maybe I am craving some sweets. I also dreamed that I was looking for some decent adobo, but all I could find was beef tri tip.

I don't know why I have dreams like these. While I was in California we had a BBQ (Filipino family side). My uncle made some killer beef tri tip and there was all kinds of yummy BBQ stuff, but no Filipino food. Nana usually makes it but she is getting older and shouldn't have to stand in front of the stove. If I had had more time I would have loved to have made the Bibingka recipe I got from a friend a while back. Of course, I might have been the one hogging most of it! (Just kidding!) My uncle (Tri Tip Master of the Universe) and I used to fight over Nana's Kangkanin back in the day. (Fighting in good fun, of course!)

Despite my dream, tonight I am going to make what my stepmom made while I was in California- Lime-Garlic chicken. I'll probably make adobo later on in the week.

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At 4:17 PM, Anonymous kate said...

Bibingka! I think I need to make some this week.

Remember, the honored aunties get the corner pieces! :-D

At 6:51 PM, Blogger Siuan said...

SOunds like some good dreams! I do think I've ever dreamed about food, too bad though because I could probably eat whatever I wanted in my dreams and not gain a pound! :)

At 10:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

can you please post ur recipe here thanks


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