Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hello to my readers

I am not able to keep up with this blog much anymore, for obvious reasons, also due to a lack of interest. I will continue to keep this blog up and maybe contribute from time to time. My apologies!

Life has been very busy. I am still working full-time in a new department for my company, have been there for 7 months now and am enjoying it very much. My daughter just finished 3rd grade and is very excited that summer is finally here. We are now living in a house, which I have probably already mentioned, and are hoping that in the next year or two we will be able to finally purchase a home. We are ready to become home owners and are very hopeful that this dream will finally come true. It's been a long work in progress.

Now onto my kitchen, which is so big that I can fit a lot of people in it, I am working a very hectic schedule then I head straight to the gym after work, but on my days off (I work four 10 hour shifts, so I have a three day weekend) I am cooking and enjoying the ability to cook in a large kitchen. Needless to say it makes my family very happy when I am able to do so.

That's about it for now!