Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ahh what I'd do for some ice cream right about now

I have this late night craving for some ice cream. We haven't bought much ice cream this summer as I am trying to watch what we eat...so I've been trying to be good there, and last summer we almost always had ice cream in our freezer. This summer, I think we've bought maybe 1 quart so far. And it was just vanilla. None of the fancy Tillamook ice cream I crave.

A good alternative is the Healthy Choice Premium Low Fat Fudge bars, with 1.5 grams of total fat per bar and 15 grams of carbohydrates, this is an excellent alternative. I will probably get those sometime- I know Costco sells them in bulk, we've gotten them before. It's a nice treat for you if you're craving ice cream and chocolate.

Other than that, you could always just go the Otter Pop route...although sometimes that just doesn't do it for me.

What other alternatives do you use when you crave ice cream and chocolate?

(And can I say, I can't believe that tomorrow is AUGUST already?? Where did July go?)



At 2:03 PM, Blogger Mehgan said...

I buy the Sugar Free Fudgesicles (from the Popsicle brand). They don't even taste different than the regular Fudgesicles, and they have half the calories. Plus, sometimes I just want a little something sweet, and those are perfect. They also sell them in combo packs with sugar free Dreamsicles (orange and creme, raspberry and creme) and regular Popsicles. Love them!!

At 1:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the Weight Watcher's Toffee Ice Cream Bars! Only 2 points and sooo good!

They are cheaper at SuperTarget than the regular grocery store, and I'd guess a SuperWalmart would sell them more inexpensively too, since I've found the lowest prices on other Weight Watcher products the few times I've shopped there.

At 4:28 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Mehgan, ooh, I love dreamsicles. I will definitely check those out next time I go to the store. Thank you!

Jane, Those WW bars sound heavenly too! Thank you for the recommendation.

At 1:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you tried the Skinny Cow Ice Cream bars?

At 1:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the Skinny Cow ice cream bars!


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