Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Restaurant review- Luis' Mexican Restaurant, Bellingham, WA

I decided to take my daughter out for dinner a couple of weekends ago after we went to the Big Lots to do some Christmas shopping. We sat in the truck for about 5 minutes between her, my husband (on the phone) and myself trying to figure out which restaurant we were going to go to. I did not want Chinese food, I was in the mood for something different, so I said, "what about Mexican food?" to my daughter, who just poopooed the idea. Then she saw a restaurant by Big Lots and said, "let's go there" and we decided on Luis' Mexican Restaurant.

It's quite festive inside, but the neighborhood that it is in is one that has somewhat of a bad reputation, which is one reason why I am not around that area very often. However, the colors were fun, and we decided to have dinner and ordered take out for my husband. My daughter, Miss Picky U.S.A., decided on nachos (arghhh), and I decided on a combo plate with a chalupa and enchilada. It came with beans and rice. Honestly, it was very bland. I felt like it was missing something, but the service was good despite that. Still, I would have liked more spices. Next time we'll try the restaurant that used to be El Cazador (THAT was good food).

My husband wanted a big burrito, so I got him it, and he too thought it was a bit bland. It's good service, but the food lacked the spices I was hoping for!

You can find Luis' Mexican Restaurant at:

1538 Birchwood Ave # B
Bellingham, WA 98225
(360) 756-8973



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