Monday, July 24, 2006

It's hot, it's late, time for a MeMe

As seen on my lovely friend's blog!

Movies I rented because the cool people liked them, but I never could finish:

1. Garden State (I did finish this, but I just didn't get it)
2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (same as 1)
3. The Corporation (just too freakin' long!)
4. Lord of the Rings (I just could NOT get into it...sorry! I know I'm gonna get reamed for this one!)

Movies I watched with the cool people but secretly hated:
I don't have any because if I hate it, I just say it.

Movies I secretly like but might deny in front of the cool people:
1. Any J Lo movie. I'm a sucker for them.
2. The Blair Witch Project (everyone hated it, but I liked it)
3. Showgirls (because it's cheesy fun, minus the rape scene)
4. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (because of Jar Jar Binks)

Books I started because the cool people like them, but I could never finish:
1. Memoirs of a Geisha (I got to the second page but ran out of time to finish)
2. Les Miserables (I skimmed it in high school- the unabridged version. It was too long)
3. Cannery Row (BORING! no plot!)
4. My Friend Leonard (don't know if anyone likes it, but it was pretty unbelievable- worse than Frey's previous work, A Million Little Pieces, which I actually liked).

Music I tried to like because the cool people like it, but really it makes me want to puncture my own eardrums to escape the pain of the irritating, cat-mating howling:
1. Country. Anything country. I try to hang, but I just can't like that genre. I just CAN'T. It goes against every grain in my body.
2. Panic! At the Disco because the guy is kinda cute, reminds me a little bit of Hayden Christensen, but yuck!
3. Rob Zombie. It's boring. It all sounds the same. My husband likes his music, but again, I just can't hang.
4. Natasha Bedingfield, because if I hear "Unwritten" one more time, I will positively vomit.

Music I secretly sometimes like, but don't want the cool people to know:
1. New Kids on the Block- just for old memories sake.
2. Britney Spears/Pop music- I can't help it, I love "Toxic"!
3. Styx- they are great- but most of my friends are like, what???
4. Hilary Duff- my biggest weakness. LOL.

Foods I secretly like, even though the cool people sneer at them:
1. Cake (I absolutely adore cake with frosting. Forget Pie!)
2. Water Chestnuts (I could eat them all alone by themselves)
3. This Thai dessert I used to buy when I worked in Southern California, it was sticky sweet rice with a banana and black beans in the middle, wrapped in banana leaves. My co-workers were always too scared to try it, but the guy who owned the store knew I was Filipino and they always had some ready for me (I was 300 miles south of home and missing my Nana's filipino desserts!).
4. Iced Tea (my husband sneers at it!)

I am now tagging the following:

My good friend from the Yukon
Miss Beautiful Grin
And Vinegar Martinis


At 6:21 AM, Blogger Vinegar Martini said...

TAG - you're it!

And Country Music ROCKS!!!!!

At 5:18 PM, Blogger jouette said...

too cool that you did this one! you rock, missy.
I love Styx too, and my husband seriously dispises them, so I have to listen to them on the sly. I love cake too and water chestnuts. I put water chestnuts in my tuna salad sometimes even, it is really good, you should try it sometime!
my fave line: "I don't have any because if I hate it, I just say it." ROFL!

At 7:17 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Oh yeah, I had water chestnuts once in my tuna salad- to DIE for. No one thinks they taste buttery, but to me they do!

Well, back in 99 I was working in a salon and one of the stylists used to give me hell about liking Mr. Roboto by Styx. When they came to town to play at the fair, she literally screamed at them to stop playing that song- and they did! LOL!

At 8:14 AM, Blogger ¬©Jac said...

Great new banner!

At 11:30 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Thanks! :) I'm having fun with PSP. LOL!


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