Thursday, May 03, 2007

NFB: Blog challenge

Think about the many issues you frequently see in the news.

Which of these issues or platforms would you put a gag order on, not only for the next debates and elections, but the entire 4 years of the next sitting president (or prime minister, etc), at both the federal and state levels.

That would mean that the issue chosen would remain completely static.

Gahh, I think if I had to choose which issue or platform I would put a gag order on, it would be the No Child Left Behind act. I have to admit that what I know about NCLB is limited, but what I know about it is no good. I would also stop standardized testing at the elementary school age. As much as we want to know what our children are being taught, putting pressure on them to "do good" on standardized testing does not help the situation either. I believe there is far too much pressure on kids these days.

My alternative would be to do a mandatory test at the end of the year for the mere purpose to see what kids have learned in school that year- however, not in the old-fashioned testing type of way. Make it fun, make it a game, and whatever you do, don't put pressure on the kids. I've heard horror stories of kids saying they needed to make sure they ate a good meal before the test, or getting themselves into crazed studying modes for the standardized tests (at the elementary school level, mind you!).

I hate politics.

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