Friday, August 17, 2007

Constant craving

They say that if you crave dirt or clay you are mineral deficient. I have to wonder if the same could be said if you are craving fish. I have been craving salmon and tuna for a while now, so I had made a tuna salad for lunch today. Normally I am not a fish type of a person, as I have stated before, but for some reason, sushi and Nigiri rolls sound very appetizing to me lately.

My guess is that I must lack Omega 3's in my diet, and that's why I am craving salmon and tuna. I used to take Omega 3 vitamins, but could not stand the fishy burps that accompanied the brand I took. I know there are brands out there that do not cause fish burps, but I haven't picked up any in a long time.

Truth is, I have been craving salmon and tuna for quite some time now, I'd say since the beginning of this year possibly. I do not know how to cook fish and I would prefer not to cook it because I do not know what I am doing. Plus I am very gun shy about buying fish from the grocery store (I worry about contamination or fish that is rotten). The best time for me to eat fish would be when we go out to eat, but that isn't done regularly, either.

I guess I should start supplementing with Omega 3 vitamins again.

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At 9:48 AM, Anonymous sher said...

I crave fish all the time! And I have to eat some nice tuna several times a month. Hmm, we should start a Fish Cravers Club! Bet there are lots more like us!

At 9:31 PM, Anonymous Jane said...

I took my Omega-3's at night when I was pregnant and nursing... hated the fish burps too! And... if you eat pasta -Barilla Plus pasta has Omega-3's!

At 6:24 PM, Anonymous Kristen said...

I have some wonderful and easy tilapia recipes that make cooking fish at home so easy.
They say that whatever you are craving...if it lasts more than a couple of days, it means you are lacking in the nutrients that food has. So, you are right! Get those omega 3's!

At 4:54 PM, Blogger Almost Vegetarian said...

I wouldn't worry about craving something as healthy as fish. I would worry if it were, say, chocolate. Not that I am, oh no, not me. Hey, got any cake?

(Actually, all day long I have been fighting to not go out and get some chocolate cake. I don't know why I have such a strong craving today, but, alas I do. Ah well.)


At 8:41 PM, Anonymous TitanKT said...

FISHY BURPS!!! Bwhahahaha... that is so good, I'm going to say that all the time now! Next time someone asks me a question, ANY question, I will confidently answer, "Fishy burps." Oh I am so amusing. (And so are you!)

Right along with the delightfully random saying I got from a friend at work and I'm NOT going to explain how this saying came about, but it's: "Your tinkler is gross."



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