Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Back on the bandwagon

Last week was terrible, and I'm still feeling the effects of my injury, however, I stopped taking any form of pain medication (be it Aleve or Advil) and have been working out daily since Monday. My goal is to get myself back in gear by continuing my T-Tapp exercises at least 5-6 days a week and then add another different workout to my program when my injury completely heals.

On top of this we have stopped with our poor eating habits and have been eating homecooked meals. Tomorrow is grocery shopping day and I am trying to focus on the types of food that are healthy as well as tasty. I'm a huge fan of bell peppers and they say the more color in your diet the better it is for you. The only problem is I sometimes end up with a hive-like condition anytime I eat orange bell peppers, but I can't stay away from them! I have a terrible sweet tooth and will try to pacify that with more clementines (as long as they are still in season) and because my husband was buying ice cream for the past week, I am going to try those Healthy Choice Fudge Bars or whatever they are so everyone has a satisfied sweet tooth. Time to crack the whip! And I will tell you one thing that is off our list this month- string cheese- or I will have to hide it, because my daughter went through the string cheese like crazy. Another thing I will be buying for afterschool snacks for her and myself are breaded chicken breast nuggets from Costco. We'll see how good those are. I love Costco!

I've never stuck with a workout program as long as I have with the T-Tapp. Getting my eating under control takes discipline but it's easier to do than exercising on a regular basis, so I'm pretty proud of myself for sticking with it.

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