Wednesday, February 20, 2008

NFB: There are never enough hours in the day

I am done with training and have been on the floor all week at work, and still trying to get the hang of the health insurance system. It's so confusing, even though I have been working in it since September. And I just love how my husband thinks that because I work in the health insurance industry that surely I must know everything, right? Oy. I spent about 20 minutes on the phone today with his health insurance to find out how much medical equipment was covered and how much our copays and deductibles were. Now, I may work in a similar field but geez! I still get confused!

I started my early shift this week and let me tell you that getting up at 3:30am every morning is really getting old really quick. I fell asleep last night at 7:30pm. It's nice to get out early, but going in so early is hard. I know I will get used to it in due time, but it still is quite hard to get up so early. I look forward to the weekends.

Winter is not quite over yet and my arthritis is getting steadily worse. It's hard to type as much as I used to and in my job I must type so it's rough. My knuckles hurt even as I type this. I am looking forward to Spring and coming out of hibernation.

I am also realizing that my weight is finally catching up to me. I know I am not OLD, but 30 is creeping up on me quickly and since I hit 28, I have noticed my weight is really taking a toll on my body. Like I have said before, I have been dealing with obesity for years...and now my knees are feeling it, I am more sluggish than ever, I am not sleeping well because of aches and pains in my body (we need a new bed), I get sick more easily, and I am dealing with some bouts of depression (not really weight-related, more weather related but still enough to make me realize there are problems here!). I get a free gym membership from my new employer and I'm in the process of choosing one that will work best with me. I am considering water aerobics as it is low impact on the knees. I am also in dire need of trying to straighten out our eating habits. Valentine's Day was particularly terrible. My daughter has been eating WAY too much junk food lately, and my attempts to regulate what we eat have been met with protest and because I am so exhausted, I have just given up. I am sure part of it is anemia. There's a specific type of anemia (which one, I don't know) that runs on my mom's side of the family and I was supposed to have an anemia/iron study done by my doctor, but I ended up with no insurance so I was not able to do it. I will be getting my insurance through my employer soon, so I'll be taking advantage of it.

I'm just so tired. I can't begin to tell you exactly how I feel. I stopped caring about my hair and makeup. I still dress appropriately for work, but I could present myself a bit more nicely. This exhaustion has been tough to deal with, but I'm sure I'll get through it.

Like my title says, there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything you need to done. I even feel overwhelmed on the weekends because there is never enough time then either. I don't know what changed or what happened, because I was nowhere near as tired as I am now at my previous job, but it could have something to do with how sick I was before I left my previous job. It's been a bad year in terms of sickness. I guess my body just hasn't caught up yet. Any advice?



At 9:33 PM, Anonymous Ben said...

Hi Jennifer:
I am worried for my health too. My late father, and people in his family, had history of hypertension and he had a stroke which left him semi-paralyzed. So, I think I better take serious note of my body before it's too late. That is why I had taken up running. Ever since I did that my blood pressure had been beautiful. :-) I think I am going to live till my ripe old age.

At 8:22 AM, Blogger Vinegar Martini said...

OK - let's to do this! I have to get back on my T-Tapp so let's motivate each other to get off our respective ever widening butts and kick it!

I want to get off my blood pressure meds ASAP! I know if I drop a few pounds it'll help - it'll help even more if I drop a few INCHES from this spare tire around my middle! Belly fat is what is more dangerous to women.

And quit telling me you're not 30 yet - makes me feel old! LOL

At 11:29 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Ben, well, I just got my health insurance card in the mail yesterday and I will begin looking for doctors! I am glad I finally have the means to get my health stuff looked at finally!

Vinegar: I am actually going to work out in a gym, but I definitely wanna be moral support buddies with you! My mom is on Altace for high BP. No fun. I have a LOT of stubborn belly fat that won't go away either and I know it's no good. It's been the hardest part of my body to lose, they say that the Insulin Resistance makes it hard to lose belly fat. I think I will discuss being on another medication for the IR. I was on Metformin/Glucophage before but I can't go on it as it messes with my stomach.


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