Thursday, January 24, 2008

OMG! I found a Jamba Juice-like place up here

Robek's. Yum. I tried their Polar Pineapple and it made for a great breakfast replacement. Yes, even in 28°F weather in the morning. I will be trying their Chicken Pesto wrap soon.

Robek's offers healthy alternatives to the typical "fast food" you see out there. When I found this place I was beyond excited over it. It's nice to be able to go to a place that offers different choices (salads and wraps) instead of the usual greasy burgers you might find when you are on the go. I highly recommend trying it out and adding one of their many vitamin supplements to your smoothie. They also offer other types of drinks, such as wheatgrass for those who are brave enough to try it (not me!) or fresh juices.

I haven't been to Jamba Juice in a LONG time, and we are not near one, so I have not been able to find a place that offers something similar. Then I was in the Barkley area in Bellingham one day and saw a girl carrying a Robek's drink (which looked VERY familiar to the Jamba Juice one) and asked her where she got it. She told me and I went over there to see for myself. Unlike the Jamba Juices that I have been to in the Monterey, California area, they offer wraps, salads, high protein pretzels, muffins and cookies that do not have preservatives in them. That was a plus, and I'll be having lunch there soon. (And hopefully I'll remember the camera this time!)

A little bit of trivia about Jamba Juice- does anyone else remember when it started out in San Luis Obispo (and Monterey!) as The Juice Club? Ahh, I was a teenager who used to hang out on Alvarado Street in the mid to late 90's and we used to go there all the time. Memories.

Now I can enjoy Robek's smoothies AND wraps!

Robek's has two locations in Bellingham, WA, one in the Barkley Village area and one in the Sehome Village area.

Barkley Village area:

3110 Woburn Street
Bellingham, WA 98226

Sehome Village area:

402 36th Street
Bellingham, WA 98225

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At 8:38 PM, Anonymous Kristen said...

I've never had a Jamba Juice! I'm glad you found something similar. I don't blame you for loving it!

At 12:13 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Oh it's a great place! Tons of smoothies and healthy options.


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