Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

We do not celebrate Easter anymore. One of the main reasons is because we have no one but ourselves to celebrate with. The ILs are always busy with their families or work, and we don't have anyone else to get together with. The same thing applies to Christmas, but we celebrate that. I don't know why we don't celebrate Easter anymore...I think around Spring we start getting busy with activities and just forget that Easter falls on a certain day (not to mention you never know when it is because the calendar is so wonky). For example, at work on Friday, some of the providers I spoke with wished me a happy Easter, and I had totally forgotten that it fell on this weekend in March as opposed to in April, like we're used to it being in.

So I started wondering what we can do to start our own traditions for next year. Yes, three is a lonely number and we don't have anyone to celebrate with, but why not start our own tradition of going out to breakfast and getting dressed up in spring fare? I am wondering if my husband would dig it. You see, we are an Atheist/Agnostic family and our holiday traditions are more about being together as a family than anything else. We don't celebrate religion.

In any case, I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter holiday and I hope none of you get too sick from those delicious Cadbury eggs or Peeps!



At 1:11 PM, Blogger Nicole said...

Hi :) We finally made it to Bellingham! I'm going to use your blog as a guide for restaurants.

At 9:56 AM, Blogger Vinegar Martini said...

Peeps are evil!

But Easter was fine! :) A Peep-less basket and way too much chocolate!


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