Sunday, July 08, 2007

Eating, living healthy

I think my husband is convinced that ground turkey is good, if not, better than ground beef. We have made the switch over. I didn't buy any ground beef this month, just ground turkey. I like it a lot more because it's so lean you don't have a lot of problems with grease. That said, the only problem is it does tend to dry out very fast. However, I have found that adding a little bit of EVOO to it while cooking helps to moisten it a bit.

My stomach isn't aching as much anymore, and overall if we can continue to eat leaner cuts of meat in the end it will be healthy for us (with an occasional red meat thrown in). This month we bought frozen burgers which we used up on the 4th, and chicken breasts and ground turkey. I may never become a vegetarian (I don't aspire to), but I'm learning to live with leaner cuts of meat and even more and more meatless meals to make what meat we do have stretch out.

Now my next item on the agenda is to push more greens and salads on us- I still want to contact a local farming about buying shares in them or at least getting local produce delivered from them, as mentioned before in June. I know my husband will be pleased we're buying local, and it's one less trip to the grocery store for us. It may be more expensive but it sure would be nice.

We have been good for the past couple of months at not buying extra desserty type things, which is something else I had been working on. We generally don't have dessert, so that's not a problem. If we end up with a sweet tooth, we'll have fresh fruit if we have it or a granola bar or a light yogurt.

I've been exercising regularly again (6 days a week) and feeling better as well. My daughter gets enough exercise for all three of us, she's usually outside running around or riding her bike (now without training wheels, yay!) all day long!



At 9:27 PM, Anonymous TitanKT said...

Yay for you! I'm all about eating healthy, too. I am also not prepared to go vegetarian for real, but I happily eat like a vegetarian most of the time. Meat is expensive and takes longer to fix (usually) that straight veggies. That's good information about the ground turkey. I've used ground chicken, too... also good.

Definitely work breakfast into your daily routine. I've read and heard that a certain amount of calcium per day from dairy products (versus supplements) helps with weightloss so I remember to drink a little Dannon Light & Fit smoothie for breakfast everyday and I usually have a fruit and grain bar, too.

I'm sure that has made a huge difference, not the least of which is because if I'm not ravenous by lunchtime I'm far less likely to pig out on fast food. It's so much easier to be restrained in my food choices and portions when I'm not starving! That seems obvious, too, but somehow that's not what I had been doing for a long, long time.

Anyway, I could ramble forever. I wish I could get farm fresh produce. Overall the produce here is quite good, we certainly can get perfect avocados all year round and they're never very expensive, for which I am very grateful since avocados are my favorite! But if I want good tomatoes I have to grow them myself. And forget it with fruit, especially. A lot of the fruit here is from South America and it's not cheap. I'd love to have fresh blueberries and raspberries, but when I see they're over $3 for a pint I pass them up every time.

At 9:30 PM, Anonymous TitanKT said...

And one more thing I forgot...

I made a discovery. You know how Nabisco is now making those 100 calorie packs of certain snack crackers and cookies (Cheez-its... Oreos...)? Colin Mochrie from Whose Line Is It Anyway? was shilling for them... remember in the tutu?

Anyway, I bought a box of the 100 calorie per pack Lorna Doone cookies and they are HEAVENLY! The absolute perfect thing for when you're craving a little sweet, but you don't have to feel the least bit guilty because you can eat the entire package and you've still only had 100 calories. How great is that?

At 12:14 PM, Anonymous Kristen said...

You are doing great and making smart, lifetime choices.
I'm down 11 pounds...still a few to go, but doesn't looking better make you feel so much better?

At 4:42 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Titan, breakfast is my biggest culprit- I am so bad about eating it. I'm trying to make a more conscious effort of eating at least 3 meals a day instead of 2 or even one because I have gorged myself by doing that. And we actually bought some yogurts that are 100 calories each and they make a REALLY good snack! :)

Kristen, congratulations on the weight loss! That is awesome! I hope I'm next!


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