Sunday, May 04, 2008

My week

last week was stressful. The first three days of work went terribly wrong, I had to deal with some problematic issues and by the end of the day I was just exhausted. I decided to ask if I could possibly take Monday off as a personal day, and I was allowed, which I really needed. So tomorrow I will go work out as normal and then go get adjusted by my chiropractor. Hopefully relax a bit too!

It's times like those that remind me that I need to take a step back. Right now I am feeling incredibly overwhelmed with everything I am doing. I feel like there are not enough hours in the day to achieve everything I want to achieve, and it leaves me with little energy by the end of the day, more so lately than ever. You would think that with my exercise routine for the past two months, the better diet and vitamins that I would have more energy, but honestly, I feel even more drained. I don't know what it is, but there's something I need to step back from. The chiropractor wants me to come in 3x/week but it's at the point where I just cannot do it anymore. I'm going to tell him regardless of my re-examination, I'm cutting it down to 2x/week. I just do not have the energy or time and I understand that I need to have my back and neck re-aligned, but at what cost? My sanity? All I want to do is go home and relax. I usually go to the chiro then go work out, by the time I get home it's almost time for my husband to leave for work, then my daughter gets home within a half hour of him leaving, and I have to peel myself off the couch to get dinner started, and help my child with her homework. I don't know what is wrong with me. I expect more energy by now. Yes, I realize that getting up at 3:30am every morning is taking a toll on me, but to avoid the cost of afterschool care and to be here for my child, I have to continue to do it. I think when our supervisors do another shift alignment I will be asking to be switched to the 6am shift instead. Getting up at 4:30am isn't nearly as bad as getting up at 3:30am. Maybe it's just my shift. I don't know.

I just don't understand why I'm so exhausted and have such little energy despite the doctor care and diet/exercise.

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At 5:25 AM, Anonymous Kristen said...

You are trying to do it all.. been there, doing it, and you are killing yourself for it! In the end this is really going to be hard on you. I hope you can find some balance soon... you deserve it :)

At 11:44 AM, Blogger Siuan said...

Stress my dear!! I'm dealing with stress and not getting enough sleep lately. I didn't want to admit it but then my back started bugging me and I realized it was stress! We have so much going on in our lifes, taking are of other people, working at full time jobs, and all the runing around that comes with live. Your schedule has changed the last few months with the new job and all that, it'll sort itself eventually I'm sure. Take care of yourself J, you are doing great! I wish I had a gym around here.

At 4:18 PM, Blogger Tammy said...

I have a few people in my life complaining about the same thing. Maybe try a chinese herbalist and some acupuncture. It helps me.


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