Saturday, August 02, 2008


On Animal Planet they have a series called Growing Up... which is based on showing how animals are brought up by humans. I've watched many of these during my time as a stay-at-home mother, but there is only one episode that brought joy to my heart, and it was regarding the walrus, Nereus. Nereus was found on an Alaskan beach all alone. It is not clear on whether his mother died or abandoned him, but he was just a baby when rescuers found him and took him to the Alaska SeaLife Center to try to save him. He struggled to survive, but later on he was transferred to the Indianapolis Zoo and was "raised" by humans. He's still at the Indianapolis Zoo today and if there's only one reason I'd ever go to Indiana, it would be for this walrus (seriously!).

Something about him captured my heart. He has quite the personality which you must see, and if you can get a chance to watch it on Animal Planet, it's well worth it. They have it on DVD as well, as the Growing Up: Arctic DVD, which I just purchased on eBay. If you do a google of "Nereus the Walrus" and look at the image section, you can see plenty of pictures of him.

And whoda thunk I would have blogged about a walrus? Hey, all I can say is, life is stressful enough and busy enough, but when you find something that brings you joy or brings a smile to your face, you try to hold on to it, and Nereus does that for me.


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